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Golf is a strategic game, very few people like & play this game. We should have lot of patience to play. When ever i play i feel a matured kind of difference by compare to normal situation.

We con’t or should not play golf like any other game, it has its own style, passion, strategy, feeling.

My personal experiance when ever i play golf i evaluate my grit, vision, patience, decision making skills, ability to take the small ball for a long way saving through sand bunkers, water hazards, by drive, by chip, by putt to finish the game.
I was just thinking, leading the organisation in recession is same as playing golf in desert.

To play golf in green filed / golf range itself we need many qualities, then if we want to play golf in desert!!!!!!!

Do you think it is easy???????????

We should analys the wind, surface, to where to drive or chip, putting is the toughest thing, because most of the time we fail / give up in end only.
I belive leading organisation in recession succesfully is same as playing golf in desert, as per my knowledge we should ready to work on worst case scenarios, because beyond that there is an end. If we strongly prepared for this kind of situation then surely we can expect the result minimum with worst case values or maximum with best case value.

What ever we need to have lot of strategies to direct organisation in safe way to reach our destination.

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