Hacking Websites & Internet Security Issues

Posted: December 14, 2011 in IT Security

antivirus Hacking Websites & Internet Security IssuesHave you ever had a website that has been hacked? In this article we’ll discuss how a hacker can disrupt an Internet connection and affect the files a user has on a computer. We also discuss some measures about how hackers can be stopped.

 Hacking Your Computer

 One of the ways hackers hack your computer is by creating dangerous software. Hackers can easily insert malware into a computer, which consists of files that can be especially damaging to the computer. The reason for these damaging capabilities is that a hacker can easily look through and edit files that are inside the user’s website or computer. Hacking the web raises security issues because it not only affects the websites involved, but it can also affect the users of the sites that have been affected.

 Stealing Phone Numbers

 Hackers who work on hacking the web can steal specific information that website visitors may give. This includes phone numbers that can be used to call people with unsolicited offers. In some cases, a hacker may have more control over the malware that is used and therefore insert this software into a mobile phone that is listed on a website database. This can cause the hacker to steal even more phone numbers.

 Stealing Email Addresses

 In many cases, hackers can send data to people on a contact list and this is then considered spam. They can send viruses and other pieces of malware that will only end up expanding the level of power that the hacker has. Some people may not know what to do with the emails that they get from a hacker because they may not know exactly whether the message is legitimate. One common way of hackers use nowadays is that they steal email addresses with high activity and use this address as a sender of spam messages to the whole contacts list. As this email address is legitimate they increase the opening rate of spam. Really nasty!

 Stealing Financial Data

 A hacker can steal the especially sensitive financial data. For people who are going to be sending financial information and other important pieces of data to a website, this information can be especially important. One particular way hacker use to do this is by sending fake emails with fake links to known websites asking the user to update his (her) information and by doing this they collect this critical information. Sites that use financial information recommend never click on such links; instead, the users should write the complete website url in his browser if they need to contact the website.

 Stealing Your Website Home Page

 As a website owner you could get invaded by keylogger-style viruses which especially targets Internet Explorer users, but it is known that some Mozilla Browsers have been attacked as well.

 Some Protection Tips

Here are few simple tips to work with improving security. For businesses that run websites that may be prone to hackers, it is best to install a Good Firewall onto the server. This can be used to help monitor incoming transmissions and block any software that is going to be sent to the server without the permission of the company that owns the server.

Having the appropriate Antivirus Software is needed. A good antivirus program will automatically update itself as new information on viruses and other dangerous things that hackers may have to gain access to a website or your computer are known. With automatic updates, it will be easier to be protected.


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